Volunteer for Civil Defence

Could you be a good fit to volunteer for Civil Defence in your area?

Civil Defence in New Zealand is all about communities helping each other. People serving people. If you have the right skills and an attitude to serve your community, then we can find a role for you to play.

In New Zealand Civil Defence has systems and structures that mean to work well in the role you will need some training. You will also need to attend occasional exercise events where we test our ability to respond to emergency situations and make preparations should the real event happen. We are happy to work with your employer around organising leave and covering the costs of your training.

Most of the roles we have in Civil Defence are administrative or decision making, not requiring physicality strength. The most applicable attributes are local knowledge, connections in the community and an ability to work well with other staff and volunteers.

If you would like to volunteer for Civil Defence, fill in the below form, and we will get hold of you to see if you are a good fit, and where we could best use you.