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AF8 [Alpine Fault Magnitude 8]

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West Coast Emergency Management
West Coast Emergency Management4 weeks ago
Good Evening,
There is a fibre fault in Greymouth, affecting all users North of Greymouth. This has taken everything north of Greymouth off the air until the repairs are done.
Chorus expect to have this remedied overnight.

For those of us who are able to, please keep an eye on the Chorus website for more information.

West Coast Emergency Management
West Coast Emergency Management4 weeks ago
The nationwide test of the Emergency Mobile Alert (EMA) system is happening Sunday, 26 May, between 6-7pm 📱 ⚠️

The alert will be broadcast from cell towers to about 5 million phones across NZ. As long as your phone is on, capable, the software is up-to-date you should receive the alert.

Emergency Mobile Alert is an extra channel that can help keep you safe in an emergency. It does not replace other alerting systems or the need to take action after natural warnings.

You should still be prepared for an emergency. If you feel you're in danger, never wait for an official warning. Take immediate action. Find out more on our website: https://getready.govt.nz/en/prepared/ema
West Coast Emergency Management
West Coast Emergency Management1 month ago
This weekend's geomagnetic storm - often called space weather - is unlikely to have any impact on electricity supplies, but it's important to remember that power outages can happen any time, anywhere.

Find out how to prepare your whare and whānau at our Get Ready site:

West Coast Emergency Management
West Coast Emergency Management2 months ago
If you or a member of your household or community has a disability or any special requirement that may affect the ability to cope in a disaster, make arrangements now to get the support needed.

Create a support network, make an emergency plan and practice it with the support network.

Find more tips for getting ready at, https://getready.govt.nz/special-requirements/
West Coast Emergency Management
West Coast Emergency Management2 months ago
Although #liquefaction doesn't pose a risk to life it can still do significant damage, and have a major impact on communities.

👀 #WATCH Brandy from the University of Canterbury explain liquefaction and its profound impact after the Canterbury earthquakes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uoE8ULgZvfY

Unlike Brandy's demonstration in the lab, you can't simply put the water and sand back the way that it was before liquefaction occurred, instead a long response and recovery is required to repair property and infrastructure and sometimes, in extreme cases like Bexley, the damage is so severe that it is no longer safe for people to return.

Liquefaction is a perfect example of just how complex the impacts of earthquakes really are. Got a question about liquefaction? Leave it below for our expert, Professor Liam Wotherspoon, to answer at our #LIVE panel on Wednesday 15th May!

#ALotOnOurPlates East Coast LAB - Hikurangi Subduction Zone M9 EQC Toka Tū Ake
West Coast Emergency Management
Liquefaction due to Earthquakes
Brandy Alger shows how liquefaction occurs due to earthquakes, using a shaketable in the geomechanics laboratory at the University of Canterbury in Christch...
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